What is your fat trying to tell you?

This month I am all about embracing imperfections. Our imperfections are not something we can overcome by resisting, ignoring or making ourselves better than them. We cannot be better than our imperfections because they are us. It is only by taking the time to stop and listen that we get the messages our imperfections bring.

This is why diets fail. It is because we resist our fat arse. We judge it and try to make it go away by being better than it, by doing more exercise and eating more salad. But if we took the time to listen to our fat arse it might say something like “I’m just really, really tired because this is all so much harder than I thought it was going to be and all I really want to do is sit on the couch with a HBO series and eat cereal”

Then we might feel sad for our fat arse and wish we were limber enough to give it a hug. Then we might realise that what we actually need more of is not exercise and salad but rather sleep and fun. And if we were to put that into action and get more sleep and have more fun we might just find that we loose weight anyway because our cortisol levels finally come down which stabilise our insulin, reduces our carbohydrate cravings and balances our hormones.

When we take the time to really listen to what the imperfections in our bodies and our lives are telling us we end up getting exactly what we want, every time.

It is one of those great ironies of life that the perfection is in the imperfections.