Chickweed, Gotu Cola & Peppermint Cooling Gel

A soothing gel for burns, bites, stings and itches

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There is a particular kind of giddy joy that I feel whenever I see chickweed poke its pretty little green leaves up out of the ground. Here on the Sunshine Coast where it goes from warm to hot, to ridiculously hot, it is only cool enough for Chickweed a few months of the year. So when its there I want to do everything I can to make the most of it IMG_6792being around. This is one of the remedies I love to make so I can extend its use for a larger part of the year.

Being a bush lovin’ gal raising 2 young bush lovin’ gals, we get our fair shair of burns, bites and stings around here. Whether its ticks, fire ants, nettle rash or campfire embers on the bottom of bare feet this gel certainly comes in handy.

I like to keep it in the fridge as it adds to the cooling effect you want when you have something hot and stinging. I also love using the Laponite Gel in this recipe. If you are not familiar with it, Laponite Gel is a clear gel made from
natural minerals like those found in clay. It dries matt and isn’t slimy or tacky. I love this for hot skin as it doesn’t trap in the heat like a cream or an ointment. I use the Essential Theraputics brand from or It can be mixed with herbs and cold pressed or essential oils to make any number of healing remedies.

To help preserve it longer I use a product made from citrus seed extract called Citricidal® also made by Essential Theraputics and available from either or This acts as an antibacterial agent and stops the product from going off and developing creepy fungus around the edges. You can also use a product by Nutribiotic called Travellers Friend, which is available in many health food stores and several online stores.




Chickweed is a great soothing herb for any kind of skin irritation that is hot and red and itchy. It is soothing both internally and externally for irritation and also helps assist the organs of elimination such as liver, kidneys and lymph.

Gotu Cola has many medicinal uses internally assisting with both energy and memory but externally it is very healing for wounds and tissue damage. I have seen several almost miraculous results from using Gotu Cola on open wounds including burns and skin cancer removals. You can also take it internally as a tablet or tincture if the damage to the skin is serious and you have obtained proper medical advice.

Peppermint essential oil acts as a cooling agent bringing blood supply to the area and helping reduce pain, heat and inflammation.

The laponite gel is itself quite soothing and cooling and the minerals seems to help soothe the skin.


A large handful of Chickweed Stellaria media

A large handful of Gotu Cola Centella asiatica

10 drops Peppermint essential oil

50mls of Laponite Gel (approx. 2 and a half dessert spoons)

5 drops of citrus seed extract (Citricidal or Travellers Friend)

A glass jar to store it in. Amber glass is ideal.

A sticker label (so you know what it is when you find it at the back of the fridge in a year or two!)

Making the gel

Juice the Chickweed and Gotu Cola to make a juice, or what is know in herbology speak as a ‘succus’. You may be surprised by how little juice you end up with from your handfuls of plant material but I assure you it will be enough. Maybe even too much!

IMG_6911Measure out the gel, then slowly add the plant juice mixing it in as you go. When you have reached the desired colour and consistency, you want it to be stiff enough to still form a peak and an exquisite bright green, then add the peppermint oil and citrus seed extract. Mix them in and apply a small amount to your skin to see how it feels. You may want to add more peppermint if you want it really minty fresh. Once you are happy with it put it in your clean jar. I recommend sterilizing your jar first by either boiling for 10 minutes or putting it through the dishwasher. Once its in the jar write out a label that has the name of your product (feel free to be creative here!) and list all the ingredients including botanical names and the date you made it. It should last anywhere from 3 to 6 months if stored in the fridge. It can go a bit watery after a while and the green colour fades a bit but it will still be good for up to six months.

This is so fun and easy to make. Enjoy xx